I began practicing Feldenkrais® in 2008 in order to deal with chronic pain from a neck injury I incurred while snowboarding in 2002.

While different physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists were able to temporarily alleviate the pain, it wasn’t until I started practicing Feldenkrais in 2008 that I began to truly understand my injury and work with it successfully on my own. Through a process of exploring my own movement habits and sensations, I came to see how chronic pain stemming from injury (or just common misuse of oneself) can lead to further tightening, causing more pain, and so on in a vicious cycle.

The process of unwinding that cycle has been a great gift to me, and one in which the Feldenkrais Method has played and continues to play a big part.

After graduating from the 800-hour Rocky Mountain 2 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in 2014, I began working as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® while also completing a PhD dissertation on the history of somatics at CU-Boulder. I now work as an acquisitions editor at Shambhala Publications.