As Dr. Norman Doidge has written in his best-selling book, The Brain's Way of Healing (2015), neuroplastic movement practices such as Feldenkrais and meditation can be highly effective in slowing the progress of neurological movement disorders like Parkinson's and MS. While they require attention and persistence, they are a natural and proactive way of reclaiming movement in your life.

In addition to a weekly ongoing class in Boulder, I offer private sessions tailored to symptoms and goals of people with movement disorders. I also teach workshops on Mindfulness and Mindful Movement for people with movement disorders across the Front Range. Please see my "Mindful Movement for Parkinson's" podcast for free recordings of mindful movement lessons, body scans, guided meditations, and more. I regularly make presentations to movement disorder support groups - if you are involved with such a group and would like me to come as a speaker, please be in touch!


Susan, retired software engineer, diagnosed 8 years ago:

"Meditation helps me focus on the present moment and, as a result,  I feel like floating as I’m on my way home from Matt's group. Learning (and practicing) a new way to stretch, balance and safely stand has definitely given me more confidence in moving and less worry about falling. This is one class I don’t want to miss…"

Carol J., Denver: 

“I have a significant tremor in both of my hands most of the time because of PD.  It can vary in intensity intermittently during the day, but it is mostly present and noticeable. During the "Mindful Movement for Parkinson's" group, as the meditation and activities progress, my tremor becomes markedly reduced and largely disappears for the duration of the class. I think Matt, with his patience and expertise and training in Feldenkrais, can help those of us with PD to achieve a higher level of function, calm and peace.”

Jan, 70 year old psychotherapist

"The sessions with Matt have taught me to go deeply into meditation quickly and easily; helping to relieve stress.  I’ve also learned how to move with more awareness so I have better balance and grace. It’s been fun as well!" 






In these ongoing classes, we explore the movement themes most useful to seniors and people living with neurological movement disorders like PD and MS: balance, full breathing, upright posture, positions that help with relaxation, and more. The classes are fun and light-hearted, and small enough that Matt can address individual needs and requests to focus on issues of interest to the participants.

Next class series begins Friday, October 20th!

Times: Fridays, 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Location: Frasier Meadows Community Wellness Center

Cost: $64 for 8-class series.

Planning to come for the first time? Call or email to let me know, so I can learn a bit about your situation - 303-895-5278,

Credit: Juana Gomez

Credit: Juana Gomez



Linda Torpey, Boulder, diagnosed with PD for more than 10 years:

"As a person with Parkinson's, my private sessions with Matt have helped me incorporate mindfulness into my movement. My husband remarked recently that he hasn't seen me walk so well in years. I walk with renewed confidence now."

Jerry Knoll, Colorado Springs, interior designer, diagnosed 5 years ago:

"Mindful Movement with Matt Zepelin has been a 'game changer' for me! I have learned very simple ways to quiet my mind and direct the movements of my body. A specific example is I had developed a tremor in my right jaw, my teeth chattered constantly. Matt suggested a very simple exercise that has eliminated the problem. Most importantly, staying present in the moment and practicing mindfulness has given me a sense of peace with my disease."

Tom H., Longmont -

"I am 73 years young and I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease for over 5 years.  I have attended Matt's Feldenkrais classes and have found them to be very beneficial.  Since I have PD I have numerous aches and pains, and I find that working with Matt I am able to get better control of my body.  Matt listens to my problem and helps me address it.  I always walk out of the session relaxed."