Want some relief from sciatica right now? Try this ten-minute audio lesson! It's designed to take pressure off your spine, soothe the nervous system, and give you practical tips to start feeling better. 

"I have been dealing with sciatica in my leg from a bulging disc. Matt's gentle movement training has made a huge difference in alleviating the pain I was suffering." - Judy Bracken, retired school teacher

Sciatica is such an uncomfortable problem! I know - I had a nasty bout of it in 2009 and remember feeling pained, distracted, and uncomfortable for about six weeks. 

The good news is, for most people sciatica is a workable issue. Especially in cases where the nerve impingement is caused or exacerbated by muscle tension, gentle manual manipulation and guided movement help many people to alleviate their symptoms quickly and get on the path to feeling well again. What I like best about the Feldenkrais Method as an approach to sciatica is that it is both helpful and educational. When I work with people with sciatica, my goal is not only to reduce the short-term discomfort, it is to help them understand the long-term causes of the problem, so that when it goes away, it stays away!

If you're suffering from sciatica, call me for a free phone consultation! I'll be happy to chat with you about your case and share more information about the Feldenkrais approach to sciatica!   

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