Functional Integration® sessions

Functional Integration® sessions consist of guided touch, verbal movement instructions, and clarifying discussion. The lessons are relaxing and rejuvenating - you will leave feeling better, and having learned simple movement exercises to practice at home.

For most people, I advise doing a consultation together as a first step, so I can learn more about your situation firsthand, we can see if it feels like a good fit to work together, and I can make a recommendation based on your desired outcome.


Danielle Lamb-Books, software engineer - "Pieces from the week’s lesson often crop up throughout my day, helping me to find alternate ways of sitting at work that alleviate lower back discomfort. Building a greater awareness for noticing when I’m doing something with unnecessary effort and strain is one of the things I particularly appreciate from the ATM lessons. It’s also simply enjoyable to roll around and discover novel ways of moving!"

Pete Byrne, engineer - "My experience with Matt was great. He listened patiently and tailored our sessions to meet my needs. I felt the benefits of the simple exercises starting with the first session."

Awareness Through Movement® classes

Sundays, 10:00 - 11:15 a.m. - Feldenkrais classes

Studio B - 1676 30th Street, Boulder, CO

First class free!

$100 for a quarterly pass (up to 13 classes), 4-punch card for $45, drop-in for $15.

Feldenkrais Method group lessons are called Awareness Through Movement® (ATM). In the ATM lessons, I give verbal movement instructions to a group. The individuals doing the lesson follow the same movement themes but go at their own pace and range. ATM lessons are a wonderful way to deepen your embodiment practice—it is no exaggeration to say that they have improved my health and changed my life!

I rotate teaching on Sunday mornings with three other Feldenkrais teachers, with each of us teaching once a month - a wonderful way to experience different styles and emphases within the Method!

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