Danielle Lamb-Books, software engineer - "Pieces from the week’s lesson often crop up throughout my day, helping me to find alternate ways of sitting at work that alleviate lower back discomfort. Building a greater awareness for noticing when I’m doing something with unnecessary effort and strain is one of the things I particularly appreciate from the ATM lessons. It’s also simply enjoyable to roll around and discover novel ways of moving!"

Awareness Through Movement® classes

Sundays, 10:00 - 11:15 a.m.

Strength in Motion Studio

You're welcome to drop in, or pay for a series of classes. All classes at Strength in Motion are purchased through SIM (you can do so at our class, or through the SIM website) and may be used for any SIM movement class.

  • Drop-in: $15

  • 10 class card: $120

Feldenkrais Method group lessons are called Awareness Through Movement® (ATM). In the ATM lessons, I give verbal movement instructions to a group. The individuals doing the lesson follow the same movement themes but go at their own pace and range. ATM lessons are a wonderful way to deepen your embodiment practice—it is no exaggeration to say that they have improved my health and changed my life!

I rotate teaching on Sunday mornings with three other Feldenkrais teachers, with each of us teaching once a month - a wonderful way to experience different styles and emphases within the Method!

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